Spark Red


    • Shell produced in TRI-fiber composite, the new composite allows to get a lighter shell and at the same time stiffer and more protective. The new composite is a mix of carbon, aradimic and glass E fiber, that allows to get a very light shell but at the same time more resistant to crashes. Thunderflash shell is produced in three sizes: M, L and XL. 
    • Internal polystyrene is produced in 4 sizes S, M, L and XL to offer the best protection for all sizes and the best ergonomics.
    • The visor of Thunderflash is in and antifog PC, made by thermoformed process with filters for UV rays. The hooks and rotation system is fully metal in light alloy and allows the visor removal without tools. The visor is equipped of pins in light alloy for Tear off aplication.
    • Internal Polystyrene was studied to work in symbiosis with the air intake on the external shell. Particular channelings obtained on polystyrene, permit to air flow intake an optimal ventilation into the helmet and a quickly exhaust of the hot air.
    • The cheek pads and the internal comfort shell can be removed, washed and replaced. They are made of precious bielastic fabric with specific fibers coupled with sponges with open cells for the best air flow in order to keep fresh and dry. The cheek pads are easily removable also in case of accident through a red strap which removes the cheek pas if the helmet is worn by the rider.
    • The retention system uses the double D rongs in light alloy